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I will encourage and challenge you to discover your own truths in an accepting environment. I am a genuine, honest witness with whom to access your own power and find a deeper understanding of yourself. Therapy can be a life-altering process that leaves you happier and able to live more fully.

My therapeutic approach is psychodynamic which, in my view, can serve as a guide to attaining deeper meaning in relationships and life.  I practice relationally, meaning that while I am concerned with what is happening inside of you, I am also aware of what is happening between the two of us.  I believe that our relationships with other people influence who we are and what we struggle with.  Relationships also provide the access to healing.

Ethical Considerations
Ethical guidelines are an important part of the therapeutic relationship.

I consider anything that acts in contrary to the health and well being of my

clients to be unethical, and act accordingly to rectify the situation.  In addition, should a client require services which are not offered by my office, I will work with this client to assess their needs and provide referrals for another clinician.

Under most circumstances our sessions are completely confidential.  There are some circumstances however, in which I am required by law to report information about sessions.  These circumstances include: if a client is threatening bodily harm to him/herself or to someone else, or if there is suspected child or elder abuse, or abuse of the disabled.  If my records are subpoenaed, then I am required to provide them.  In addition, I regularly review my work with a psychotherapy consultant and a professional consultation group.  If and when it is necessary to consult with these individuals regarding a client's work I will make every effort to protect the client's anonymity.

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